Nested Knowledge and Adaptic Health Partner to Streamline Clinical Trial Planning

April 26, 2023


Nested Knowledge, a platform for structuring clinical literature and auto-generating interactive outputs, is partnering with Adaptic Health, an application for modeling recruitment, timelines, and cost in the clinical trial development process.

Clinical trial planning can be a burdensome process, which is time-intensive, fragmented, and often static. Keeping track of multiple teams doing duplicative work across multiple platforms can be challenging. When new evidence is published, handling updates to existing plans can be as time-consuming as setting up the plan itself. The need for transparent, replicable methods for accessing updateable evidence is ongoing and demanding.

To address these challenges, Adaptic Health will incorporate Nested Knowledge’s API to automatically pull new applicable clinical trials as soon as they are published, the streamlining inclusion criteria and endpoints, and automatic outputs in Adaptic Health’s Research Pipelines.

Image shows Nested Knowledge automated, interactive outputs displayed on the Adaptic Health site as a direct step in the clinical trial planning process.

Incorporating Nested Knowledge’s auto-generated interactive outputs into Adaptic Health’s trial pipeline is a turning point for both companies. This collaboration will significantly reduce time and cost of clinical trial design, equipping Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) and clinical teams with the best chances of success. According to Nested Knowledge CEO, Kevin Kallmes, "At Nested Knowledge, we have been excited to provide easy access to patient population and endpoint mapping, but the Adaptic model builds so much more on top of it – really, it helps you learn from the mistakes and the successes of past trials and model realistic scenarios from that data."

"This partnership is a natural fit for Adaptic Health, as it aligns with our mission to provide the biopharma industry with a digital infrastructure for clinical development," said Luke Stewart, CEO of Adaptic Health. "By combining our respective expertise, we are confident that we can streamline clinical trial planning and execution and ultimately bring new treatments to patients more quickly."

About Nested Knowledge

Nested Knowledge is a living evidence platform that houses, auto-generates, and analyzes published clinical literature for conducting systematic literature reviews. As a result, each review produces evidence as interactive, web-based visuals. The platform emphasizes updateability, traceability, and visual interactivity– revolutionizing the way evidence is understood, no more scattered, non-updatable, incomplete PDFs. 

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About Adaptic Health

Adaptic Health offers a powerful software as a service (SaaS) platform that helps organizations accelerate clinical development from the earliest stage of design through biostatistical optimization. Our platform streamlines collaboration, enables dynamic literature review, and provides what-if analysis tools, reducing the time and cost of clinical trial design by up to six months and saving millions of dollars.

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